I Am Equipped To Empower

Latisha Anderson, Who Am I?

Latisha Anderson has encouraged a lot of women in her life. Having emerged from a difficult upbringing of abuse and self-doubt, the Florida native empowered others through her testimony and story. But looking the mirror one day, she realized that she hadn't embraced that encouragement and empowerment in her own life. "Staring myself in the face, I truly saw myself for the first time. And the inspiration hit in a moment. I had to embrace my own UGLY if I wanted to train others to move on from traumatic experiences."

Anyone Can Encourage You, Not Everyone Is Equipped To Empower You.           

~Latisha L. Anderson~

Latisha Anderson



Our Private session can take place anywhere. Many people don't like the look and feel of an office. So we are able to set up our session in locations that are not so traditional. Book your consultation today.

A Movement

Embrace Your UGLY "EYU" is a global movement that empowers all that it comes in contact with. Providing the proper tools and resources needed to equip those who feel as if they have lost their way, or simply need a helping hand. To learn more about our Nonprofit simply call: 863-397-2912

Global Empowerment

We are always honored to Empower young others through out the globe. If this is something you would be interested in for Schools, youth groups, conferences, group homes, and detention centers just to name a few. Simply Call for pricing and availability.

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